Newspapers Alive Review: Are Newspaper Ads Worth It???


Name: Newspapers ALIVE
Price: $60.00 a month
Owner: Benjamin Harris
Verdict: LEGIT
Who’s it for: Anyone looking to boost sales & signups


Just like you, I’ve found that running my own online business is a lot more complicated than I first thought. The problem I was having at first was finding the right marketing approach that would break through the competition and reach new customers. Over time, I have enjoyed some success, but I never felt I was really getting anywhere close to my goals. Hence, why I like to join and test as many ad sources that I can get my sweaty little paws on 🙂  This time around, it’s newspaper advertising from a major online company known as Newspapers ALIVE.

Ad Service Tested – Newspapers Alive

Newspapers Alive is an advertising platform that uses one of the most proven means of marketing, local newspapers, that exist in over 30,000 communities, towns, and cities across the US. By using their marketing service, I can reach customers in ways that I never could through the internet. The result is that my business has grown considerably, all from the new traffic generated by this 100% done-for-you system.


Thanks to Newspapers Alive, I reach new customers every day by way of simple newspaper ads that are marketed all across America. The people at Newspapers Alive run their nationwide marketing campaign by way of tiny classified ads, and then forwards each lead collected toward a single NPA members personalized offer page, where every single visitor at that point is presented with the NPA members website link. It has made my marketing work far simpler and I’ve gotten better results thanks to this unique system.

How Does It Work?

This is perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Newspapers Alive is that the system itself is so easy. They do the hard work of posting the ads in newspapers across the country, as well as write up the high pulling classified ad content that will be posted. All that members need to do is follow four simple steps to tap into this system.

  1. Choose one of three packages from Newspapers Alive
  2. Select the initial three zones for circulation
  3. Edit the offer page that you make
  4. Track your campaign and follow up with your new signups & buyers

That’s all you really need to do to garner success from Newspapers Alive. I did the same thing and today my business is growing bigger faster than ever thanks in large part to this system. You know, I’ve always wondered about how to incorporate newspapers into my marketing efforts, but I always thought it was too expensive and too difficult to reach the number of potential customers I needed to turn a profit. Newspapers Alive has shown me that it does work and for far less money an effort than I thought possible thanks to their unique system.

For me, Package 1 which costs $60.00 per month was the right fit. It only took moments for me to sign up and select the three zones that were recommended. At that point, I uploaded the offer page editor and wrote up a short description about my business. Then, I put in my web address, saved the page, and started tracking my visitors thanks to the information provided by Newspapers Alive (full tracking stats provided in members area). It was easy to do and today I’m seeing some impressive sales numbers.


***  I made a few hundred dollars in affiliate sales my first week in, but week 2 everything skyrocketed as I swapped zones to the far North East region where there is a greater density of educated, eager buyers ready to invest into an offer up and around the $150 entry level price point ***

What I Enjoy Most About Newspapers Alive

First and foremost, I enjoy how simple and easy it is to use. Before, I was pouring through online marketing books and programs without much success. Today, I’m still looking for new ways to market my business, but Newspapers Alive provides me with a simple way to generate great leads that are outside of the traditional solo ad and pay-per-click marketing crowd. Diversification at its finest 🙂 Of the ten zones in total, I chose the three that were recommended, and then as I mentioned above, swapped them out to focus more on the upper North East region of the US. (you can switch up the zones every 7 days).

Thus, I’m spending more time collecting sales than ever before thanks to how they have streamlined everything. I only wish the rest of my marketing was that easy to do lol.

What Makes Newspapers Alive Unique

There are several things that separates Newspapers Alive from the other marketing systems that I have tried. First, it takes an offline approach which I’ve found to be very effective for the products that I offer.  (too much competition with other marketers selling the exact same product as me online but with NPA I get zero competition with these offline home business seekers) Or in other words, instead of fighting through the competitors I have online, I circumvent that with this offline service.

Another advantage comes from the Newspapers Alive program itself that offers an affiliate program. I’ve referred three people I know who also run their own online businesses and now I can access CANADA and getting bonus traffic from there as well. The affiliate program is a nifty way to make money on referrals and benefit from reaching new areas.

Can You Benefit from the Program?

If you sell products online, I’d say that yes you can benefit from the advantages that Newspapers Alive provides. Although there may be exceptions, Newspapers Alive benefits my business by the main fact that I am diversifying outside the conventional online marketing traffic sources. By adding local advertising to three zones in the US, I have managed to increase my sales considerably.

Having said that, if your company is focused on local business such as a restaurant for example, then this is probably not for you. However, if your business is like mine with a high focus on online products, then you should have no trouble benefiting from this cool niche program.
You can choose from three different packages that offers you different response rates so you can gauge just how much you want to benefit from Newspapers Alive.

  • Package 1: $59.95 per month – Up to 250 visitors per day
  • Package 2: $125 per month – Up to 550 visitors per day
  • Package 3: $399 per month – Up to 2200 visitors per day

The choice is yours in terms of the package you want to choose. That’s another reason why I am happy about this system as I have worked my way up over the past few months with my business. Newspapers Alive makes it easy to get the word out about what I do which in turn provides me with more visitors to my site.

My Recommendation

If you are running an online business and are not getting the results you expect, then Newspapers Alive may be the answer you are looking for. It’s simple, straightforward, and uses the proven, traditional means of newspapers to expand your web traffic and increase your customer base. My business has benefited considerably since I have joined and I can’t think of any reason that it wouldn’t work the same for you. Newspapers Alive has offered me a new way to reach customers that my business has benefited from. Who would of thought 😉

checkmarkNewspapers Alive is 100% Legit

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