About Stephanie Simpson

Hi, I’m Stephanie and I started my first online business in March 2013 because I didn’t want to continue to line other peoples pockets by just being their employee. I wanted to be able to reach my own financial earning potential and I knew as long as I worked for someone else that would never happen for me.

Since 2013, I have helped hundreds of people turn their passions into a full-time at home business. I research and review products and programs that claim they provide an online income, so that YOU don’t have to and to protect my readers.

There are 3 ways in which I rate products.

Legit – You will be able to earn money from these programs or products
Not legit – Not necessarily a scam but not a sure fire money maker either, proceed with caution.
Straight Up Scam – Stay away from these products they are known scams and YOU WILL LOSE MONEY becoming involved with them

~ Stephanie Simpson

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