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Name: Boost My Online Biz
Price: $39.95 a month recurring
Owner: Morgan Hale
Verdict: LEGIT
Who’s it for: Anyone looking for quality business leads

Introduction to Boost My Online Biz (BMOB)

While it’s always a good idea to have a great product or service on offer when you start an online business, it can all end up being for naught if you don’t have a regular stream of interested consumers seeing what you have to offer. There are countless ways to drive hordes of traffic to your website, but the downside there is that you end up getting a large percentage of people who just aren’t interested in what you have to offer. Worse yet, many of those people will waste your time by pretending to be interested when they really have no intention of ever opening up their wallets to buy. The time wasted in dealing with those people cuts into the amount of time you have to work with those who really do want to spend. Boost My Online Biz (BMOB) is a program designed to ensure that all you get are motivated consumers interested in what you have to offer them.

Morgan Hale decided to start BMOB after her marketing career was delivered a major setback in the form of a manager who was less than supportive. She went from a lucrative career in the marketing business to bagging groceries in New York, but she never stopped thinking about ways to create a cost-effective marketing strategy that could work for anyone who adopted it. She realized that buying groceries in bulk led to massive savings, so why couldn’t that same approach work in marketing. She created a co-op marketing process that allowed her to pool money and search for leads from a variety of different sources. It was here where Boost My Online Biz was born, and now the members of that site are starting to reap the benefits of the co-op marketing strategy.

does it make sense

Why Boost My Online Biz Makes Sense For You

You can’t really consider what you do online a business until you start attracting customers and making sales. That is something that is easier said than done, as there is usually a ton of competition looking to attract the same type of people that you are. Unless you are able to work online on a full-time basis, you simply aren’t going to have the time to go after the type of audience that you need in order to make money. BMOB delivers those leads to you every single day, and only sends people that have already expressed an interest in the types of products and services that you are offering. We will go into a little more detail later in this piece, but here is a brief overview of the benefits delivered by BMOB:

  1. 80 new leads delivered every single day
  2. Refer one person to BMOB and have that number doubled to 160
  3. The leads come from 8 ad campaigns that are run on a daily basis
  4. You already know that the leads have an interest in what you are offering, as they are all permission based e-mail opt-ins
  5. Make use of the Perfect Timing feature so that your e-mail goes out at just the right time

Now let’s go into a little more detail about what you get with your BMOB membership.

what is it
While there are countless lead generation systems available to you right now, there are none that really do what Boost My Online Biz does. The 80 leads that are delivered to you each day come via a co-op marketing effort that ensures a number of different sources (traffic exchanges, AdSense, solo ads, and more) are used. It also ensures that the leads are people who are genuinely interested, as they are all permission based opt-in email types who had to submit their information in order to show their interest. 80 solid leads per day is a pretty great number, but as mentioned earlier, you can double that amount to 160 by simply referring one person to BMOB. That really isn’t a lot to ask, and is probably something that you can manage in your first day or two.

If the BMOB service was nothing more than a list of names and emails delivered every day, you might think that your $39.95 per month would not be well spent, but it’s the features that comes with this program that make it so very exciting. One of the coolest parts of BMOB is the ability to use the software mailer to contact all of the leads on your list. You are even given powerful email sales templates and a graphics pack as part of your monthly fee, both of which help you create messages that sell. The email templates were all written by marketing pros, and they contain language that will prompt the reader to reach for their wallet as soon as they are done with the text. You can of course tweak those templates to suit your own message, or you can simply create your own if you like to get a little creative with the emails you send out.

Many people who use email marketing get in the habit of sending out their emails at the same time every day. They never really think to check and see if this is the time of day when the people they are contacting are the most responsive. BMOB takes all of the guesswork out of email delivery by using a feature that they call Perfect Timing. The mailing software keeps track of the number of views and click-thru’s that you get with each email, and then determines what time of day is the best to deliver your message. All you need to do is create the email, which can be quickly done using the templates provided, and then put it in the queue with the Perfect Timing feature turned on. We guarantee that you will be amazed at how your response rates seem to rise the longer you stay with the BMOB program. If you can use that feature and continually work on delivering a great message, it seems almost impossible to not get sales.

Your click-thru rate will likely be better than you are used to with other lead generation programs because of the way in which BMOB goes about finding those leads. As mentioned earlier, they go through 8 different lead generation sources, and are all people found through permission based opt-in email. That guarantees that the leads that land in your back office have already expressed an interest in spending money.

Who Is Boost My Online Biz For?

BMOB is for anyone who wants to market their business, but who doesn’t have the time or money to spend on a variety of different markets. For just $39.935 per month, you get 80 new leads (160 if you refer 1 person to BMOB) that you can contact to promote your product or service. If you have ever tried to find leads on your own, you probably already know just how long it can take to find 8 good ones, never mind 80.

BMOB is perfect for people who are running their online venture on a part-time basis, as the program takes a lot of the hassle out of finding leads, exporting them into a third-party mailer, and then looking at the results to see when would be the ideal time to contact those leads. It is the Perfect Timing feature that makes that latter magic happen, and you will find it to be an invaluable tool that will help boost response rates and sales numbers.

bottom line
I’m sure that many of you who have read all the way through this piece are still sitting on the fence when it comes to BMOB. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of skepticism, especially if you have tried and been disappointed by other lead generation programs in the past. This is why we have to make it perfectly clear that BMOB is really not like anything that you may have tried before, as it comes with a number of tools and features that have been specifically designed to help ensure that you have the best experience possible.

If you have been running ad campaigns and been getting very little joy, take a moment to tally up just how much it cost for you to get that lack of success. The question you then have to ask is whether or not $39.95 is a lot of money to pay for something that has a proven track record like Boost My Online Biz has. We suggest that you give it a try for a month, and we can almost bet that you will be delighted that you did.

checkmarkBoost My Online Biz is 100% Legit 


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8 thoughts on “

  1. Hi Steph.

    I am a boost my online biz newbie…I am now 2 weeks trying to understand why all the gurus make tons of money compared to people like me.
    I want to use the internet community to serve people and of course make a living out of it.
    Could be that this is the biggest breakthroughfor a beginner?

    Till now my biggest concerns is how to write good sales email that will generate a CONNECTION with subscribers, the sales will come I supposed…
    I am from San Diego and I really struggle to find something valuable there to teach me how to do it properly.
    Will you be able to help me? I know you have been in my shoes before, I trust your point of view.
    Clearly bmob helped you in many ways. I have a lot of enthusiasm and I want to do things right so
    I can provide a good service to people.

    My very best regards to you and yours
    have a nice day



    • Hi Eduardo

      I completely understand how you feel, yes, I was there myself 3 years ago, did not know much about making money online and how to go about finding the right place for guidance.

      Unfortunately, I got scammed quite a bit before I did find my feet and learned how to become successful, hence the reason for my website, to help others avoid the pitfalls.

      Boost My Online Biz is a lead program all about website exposure. Without sufficiant time, you will have much difficulty to make a decent income online and progress will be slow. Letting your daily 80 lead delivery build up will give you something to work towards and put your goals in perspective since you will know what kind of results you can achieve with hard work and time.

      Bottom line, your own successful website can provide you with many different ways to earn an income. You can sell your own products, sell affiliate products (if you do not have your own product), sell advertising space or promote a service to only name a few. In addition, website development is an excellent skill to learn. You can utilize it in many additional ways like, creating websites for local businesses, teaching, website development to scholars who cannot afford to pay too much for classes and so forth. Learning WordPress takes some patience, but if a 9 year old can learn it in a couple of weeks, so can anyone else right?

      To sum it up, Boost My Online Biz is a learning platform that will teach you how to build a successful email subscribers list. Additional marketing training is also available and the platform currently has one of the best support structures online. If you have questions, you will get answers via tech support, FAQ options below each module, and a private messaging system to boot.

      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a shout, will do my best to help.


  2. I agree Boost My Online Biz is one of the best websites for generating signups while building a list, it has changed my life. The major thing that benefits me daily is support, support, support! You have laid it out perfectly.


    • Hey, Jean and thanks for stopping by my blog.

      I bet you’re really glad that you decided to give Boost My Online Biz a try, aren’t you? It’s great to know that Boost My Online Biz has helped to change your life and I hope that you come back to this post to share your success story here. Yes, the support at BMOB is the best support I’ve ever received and still continue to receive whenever I’m stuck with anything. Us online business owners still get stuck from time to time and it’s good to know that there’s always people willing to help in any way they can.

      Thank You for your compliment and I shall see you inside Boost My Online Biz, my friend.


  3. I think your review of Boost My Online Biz is spot on! I have been with BMOB for about 3 months and I feel like there is no where else I could have gotten the leads that I have. The experience has been excellent. I love that there are always other people (experts) to talk to if you are having a problem. I also like the free mailer.


    • 3 months is a long time and it just proves that you’re already a successful member of Boost My Online Biz or you wouldn’t be around still. Yes, everything about Boost My Online Biz is completely awesome and it feels like we are one big happy family, pushing each other to online success. That’s great! I’m glad you’re enjoying every minute of being a member of BMOB and please feel free to let me know if ever you need my personal help and support along the way.

      Thanks, Steph


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